Welcome to Crazy K9 Campers

CRAZY K9 CAMPERS” is a Mumbai based group formed for pet dogs and owners to provide them with unique opportunities to spend quality time together, through our weekend pet camps.

In today’s hectic life everyone needs a break and why should our pets be any different???

We provide them the best holiday through our camps, where they don’t need to worry about obeying commands or do what Mom says….. they can just be DOGS….

Our activities include K9 Fun n Games, Trekking with pets, Doggy Birthday celebrations, Tricks training , Swimming pool for pets, K9 recipes n much more….

Come join us and have  a howling good time with your K9s…

Pooja Sathe-Gawande:
+91-98205 96903

"IDA INDIA is a project of IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS (of the United States), and a Non-Government Organisation(NGO).

The most recent event held was,

Camp : Muddy Paws Petreat
Venue : A Resort near Manor
Dates: 8th & 9th July 2017

For information on the upcoming events, click here

Camp : Camp Gone To Dogs
Venue : A Campsite near Durshet
Dates: 12th & 13th August 2017
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+91-98205 96903