Camp Activities

  1. Trekking with Pets:

    Trekking , hiking in the hills are best ways to enjoy nature at its best. Its even more fun to have your K9s accompany you on your outings.

    During camps we trek to the most scenic hills/ forts  offered by wide variety of terrain in Maharashtra.

    Its unbelievable to see our usually lazy mutts bursting with so much energy and enthusiasm to walk all the way to top. Sometimes its even difficult for owners to keep up with them. 

  2. Swimming for the Pets:

    Pets love to get wet and wild and get very excited by the sight of water. Its so refreshing to see them splashing water, getting dirty and enjoying a cool dip in their own crazy ways. Some dogs love diving into pool while the not so brave ones take it slow, but once they are in water its hard to get them out of it.

    During our camps we even take our pets for a swim in surrounding lakes or rivers. Its one of a kind experience for owners and pets and they thoroughly enjoy it together.

  3. K9 Games:

    Our games and competitions are specially designed for our K9s which are simple yet fun for both the pets and their owners.

    Be it Doggy Musical Chair, searching treats fetching their favorite toy or owner and pet look alike fancy dress competition, our ever enthusiastic furry friends have a howling good time with their owners.

    While owners enjoy showing off their pets talent, k9s just love the fun n frolic. At our camps every pet is a winner and get special doggy gifts and prizes as well.

  4. Recipes for Pets:

         All k9 participants specially Labradors enjoy making yummy doggy recipes with their owners. Our customized K9 recipes have a wide variety from Doggy biscuits , puppy cakes to sausage rolls and even have some special ones for Veg Only pets.

  5. Doggy Birthday Celebrations:

         Our camps are all about making our pets feel special and there is no  better way to celebrate your pets Birthday with company of other lovely K9s. Special Doggy Cakes, pets dressed up to look their best make these moments even more special for pet parents. Pets have a time of their life with all the attention and fuss they get.

"IDA INDIA is a project of IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS (of the United States), and a Non-Government Organisation(NGO).

The most recent event held was,

Camp : Muddy Paws Petreat
Venue : A Campsite near Karnala/Panvel.
Dates : 14th & 15th July 2018

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Camp : Muddy Paws Petreat 2018
Venue : Resort near Panvel.
Dates: 29th & 30th September 2018

Agility Course
Venue : Vile Parle, Mumbai
Dates: Weekends, Oct 2018
+91-98205 96903