Agiity is a famous Dog Sport. The dog and the handler have to work as a team to complete a course full of various equipments in a set time.  You need accuracy and speed to guide the dog through these equipments. Agility can be lot of fun as you need to communicate with your dog.

The equipments include various types of Jumps,Tunnels, Weave Poles, A Frame and much more..Dogs are trained using positive reinforcement techniques and love the interaction with their owners.

I first saw Agility Trial on TV and got hooked on to it instantly. During my Dog Training I got the opportunity to learn Agility under a wonderful Trainer Miss. Noriko Aso, of Apex Agility Center, Los Angeles, California. She taught me basics of agility and handeling the dog on the course. I could practice with Backette, a Border Collie, owned by Msis. Jill Marie. Backette is a young dog full of enthusiasm and always eager to play. The time I spent in the US learning Agility made me realize the importance of clear communication with one's pet.

I practice Agility with my labrador Jazz and conduct courses in Mumbai. It's such a pleasure to watch Jazz clear jumps, run through tunnels , weave through poles and having a great time all together. I wish to get more pets and owners involved in this wonderful sport of Dog Agility.

Agility Training:
Agility training is a for adult dogs who have some basic obedience training. I believe Agility is much more fun than any form of training and encourage owners to practice it with their pets.

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