Reviews by Course Participants

Participant Reviews

Here's what our participants had to say about their experience at the Agility Course.

pet’s name: ROCK
breed: boxer

age: 1year 4 months

gender: male

pet parents name: Chandraprabha and Rohit kumar

reason to join the agility course:

to give the pet some form of exercise and also to focus his high energy in some particular way.

please share your experience :

it was really an amazing experience...our co-ordination with our pet improved a lot .he became much more obedient and calmer as his high energy level was focused on the exercise....he was very happy to meet so many dogs and was waiting to be there every time .the agility training also keeps the pet more mentally and physically occupied .

your pet’s performance according to you:
was very good.

what did you learn from this course:
to be more patient with the pet, you stay more focused along with the pet. Complete stress buster....

 how did the course help you to bond/ connect with your pet:
it helped us understand our pet better than before and taught us how to communicate with him.

suggestions / comments:
hoping the practice session will continue at least once in a week.

 Would you like to continue learning agility: of course!

pet’s name: ROVER

breed: Labrador retriever

age: 2 years

gender: dog

pet parents name: Kamal Riya

reason to join the agility course:

to have fun and bond with him. train while having fun. understand the psychology and know how they form habits.

please share your experience:
he would look forward to each session, while he was learning to obey and listen he was also enjoying it. the "heel" and "come" options which he learned in the course are used in day to day life also. these are generally the hardest for the dogs to follow.

your pet’s performance according to you:
good, there is room for improvement ofcourse. was surprised how fast he understood what was expected of him.

what did you learn from this course:
training a dog need not by traditional methods fun, enjoyment and sense of achievement gets them learning faster.

how did the course help you to bond/ connect with your pet:
he would listen to me around 5 other dogs, and would perform the task to the t. his eyes would just be on me.

suggestions / comments:
would like to use advanced agility equipments

would you like to continue learning agility:

pets name : CEASAR

pet parents name : Chhaya and Kiran sheth 

reason to join the course :

To learn and experience something different but the class went far beyond our expectations.

my experience has been great, the course taught us much more than we expected.

The best part is you teach everything with love, treats and praise only, no other way.

My pet's performance improved every day, he initially was not responding to my commands but with pooja's training and patience he started picking up from the 3rd session. his stamina increased, his body toned up as in he started looking fitter and leaner. apart from the jumps, tunnels, tyre etc we learnt lots of heel work, and believe me it works.

Ceasar learnt to interact with other dogs of different breeds, with different temperament.

The best part is how all of them loved each other and the class.

The heel work actually helps us bond cause our pet starts to understand everything we say and does exactly that, he is a happy pet, which makes us a proud owner.

I would strongly recommend to my friends and family to experience this with their pets.

There is no better gift to give your pet than this.

I would love to join the course again and again as learning is an ongoing process and you can't deprive your pet from this. thanks to pooja.

Big thumbs up for her.

pet’s name: BUDDY

breed: Labrador

age: 13 months

gender: male

pet parents name: Mrs Surekha Karode and Ashok Karode

reason to join the agility course:

for fun and to see how buddy would adapt to teaching

please share your experience :

the course was wonderful as buddy had not taken any type of formal training in obedience I felt he did pretty well in the course he was comfortable with all the equipments was eager to do all the exercises even learnt new orders and followed them he was a natural with all the games and learnt fast I think he excelled the course

your pet’s performance according to you:

he will do very well in all types of agility training even though it was the first time for him he was very comfortable mixed well with other dogs and he was happy taking all the commands

what did you learn from this?

 I think persistence and patience is required by the parent appreciating the pet for his good work and not getting upset when he can’t perform will make your pet do wonders in work you make him do

how did the course help you to bond /connect with your pet:

it was great working with buddy he is already very attached to me this gave me a added advantage in teaching him and getting him to follow my orders we were a good combination if buddy became agile I think the course gave me agility to run play and enjoy each training session

suggestions / comments:

as long as we practice the pets would do the exercises well but after that they may tend to forget and not remain all that agile > > would you like to continue learning I would surely do the next level of agility training but at present I am tied up with other priorities and cannot pursue it

Bhavesh Bhagat:

I understand the feedback form is more for the pet owners;  however, my inputs for this would be as below;

Agility is a very interesting sport and I joined to learn more on how we connect with the animals to perform a sporting activity.

Some hoops, a run through tunnel, and jump through tyre, coupled with a treat reward at the end, can create the kind of focused challenge that gives even the highest-energy dog a stimulating job to do and the owners, will find that the more you guide their dog through these activities, the closer they and their dog will become, and they will discover more and more of the pack leader inside them.

Agility competitions and exercise are growing in popularity and are great activities to both redirect the energy and strengthen the bond between human and dog.
If you have a high-energy dog at home, you don't have to watch him vent his frustrations on your furniture, your family members, and other dogs in the neighborhood.

Agility is one of the best outlets for that extra "boost" the genes have given him.

You are helping him to connect with his roots. the point is to create a psychological challenge in addition to the physical one.

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