Jazz....is my life.

At barely a month of his canine age, the moment I saw him, I fell in love with this chubby puppy with a cute expression on his face.

He came into my life as a companion and before I could realize it, he became my strength, my support and my inspiration in life.

He is my best teacher when it comes to my "Dog Training"..

My day starts with his sweet kisses and wet licks, its really hard for me to stay away from him during the day, but when i come home he is always there waiting by the door.

I talk to him, hug him, play with him and also fight with him....I am the happiest when I'm with him...

He is also the canine coordinator for all activities, events and camps conducted by Crazy K9 Campers. The minutest of things that go into making an event suitable for a canine are inspected by him and only after his permission does the planning for the event continue. He is the co-founder and the Chief Canine Quality Control officer for the Crazy K9 Campers. :-)

I cant thank God enough for bringing Jazz into my life....and I cant thank Jazz enough for finding me the love of my life...

"IDA INDIA is a project of IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS (of the United States), and a Non-Government Organisation(NGO).

The most recent event held was,

Camp : Camp Gone To Dogs
Venue : A Campsite near Durshet
Dates: 12th & 13th August 2017

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Camp : Woofs & Wags Weekend
Venue : Resort near Kalyan
Dates: 11th & 12th November 2017
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Agility Course
Venue : Vile Parle, Mumbai
Dates: Weekends, Oct & Nov 2017
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