Dog Training Methods

I believe each dog is different in its own right. I prefer to train pet dogs with the positive reinforcement technique. I try to understand the dog's likes and dislikes and find out what motivates him/ her.
I use treats extensively and thus follow the rewards-based reinforcement technique. I also use a lot of toys during the training which keeps the training sessions short and fun for both the owners and the dog.

My methods vary with every dog, owner as each such combination presents different challenges and opportunities of varying degrees. The atmosphere surrounding a pet are equally important and play a vital role in deciding what techniques, steps will prove to be most effective. Initial observation, to me, is the key to understanding what the possibilities are.

Owner's Involvement:

I believe dog training is more about training the owner to handle his/her pet than to actually train the pet.
Owners participation and practice is a must for the training methods to be effective successful.
All pets love interacting with their owners and training can be much more fun when done as a team.

Basic Pet Dog Training

Training Dogs is a wonderful profession. I get to interact and work with dogs of different types, breeds and personalities. Through my experience I have learned that its more of training the owners to handle their pets and communicate with them better.

Basic training is must for all pet dogs and its better to start at an early age. It involves toilet training, food habits, chewing and destruction problems, leash walking, socializing with other pets and people. I also encourage the owners to play different games with their pets such as fetching toys, searching treats, Tug of War etc. Playing is a great way of interacting with your dogs and dogs love to spend time with their pet parents.

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