Founder and Organizer,
Crazy K9 Campers.

I have always loved dogs. My dream of working with animals came true when I started volunteering with an animal NGO "In Defence of Animals, India". While working with them I started developing interest in learning about pet dog training and animal behaviour. My journey as a Dog Trainer began with a Mumbai based organization "K9s Can Care".

In the year 2003 I got a golden opportunity to train and learn under Mr. John Rogerson of "Northern Center for Canine Behaviour and Training" in the U.K. One of the most well known and respected people in the world of Dog training and canine behaviour, I got introduced to the wide world of animal behaviour and different methods of training. Those were one of the most memorable moments of my life.

Once I came back to India, I started training variety of pet dogs with their owners. My key focus is to help pet parents develop a strong bond with their pets and improve communication between them. During my years of training I developed a strong interest towards a canine sport- Agility. In the year 2006 I visited USA and trained under Ms. Noriko Aso, of Apex Agility Center in Los Angeles, CA for Agility.

Being in a city like Mumbai,I realized there was a strong need for a place or an activity, where both pets and pet parents can enjoy each other's company in the most relaxing way surrounded by nature and wilderness. That's when I formed the "Crazy K9 Campers", a group which would provide unique holidays to pet dogs and pet parents through our weekend camps.

The years I have spent training dogs or working with my own pet ,Jazz ,have taught me many wonderful things. When it comes to Dog Training, dogs have always been the best teachers I could have asked for. I cherish every moment spent with each of my four legged friends.

"IDA INDIA is a project of IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS (of the United States), and a Non-Government Organisation(NGO).

The most recent event held was,

Camp : Muddy Paws Petreat
Venue : A Campsite near Karnala/Panvel.
Dates : 14th & 15th July 2018

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Camp : Muddy Paws Petreat 2018
Venue : Resort near Panvel.
Dates: 29th & 30th September 2018

Agility Course
Venue : Vile Parle, Mumbai
Dates: Weekends, Oct 2018

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