Is your pet ready for the #NewNormal


Worried about leaving your pet alone while going back to work

Most of the pets have enjoyed having their parents around full time for last couple of months. With things opening up, we all are going to step out soon, leaving our pets at home.

Is leaving your pet home alone for longer duration getting you worried? Have you allowed your pet to follow you constantly during lockdown?

Well here is what you can do to make it easier for your pets

  • Stuff it Up – start giving their daily meals in stuffed frozen Kong toys. Give them variety of chews, which will keep them occupied without your presence.
  • Exercise Routine – Get their exercise/ walk/ play routine back on track
  • Alone Time – Start leaving them alone in a separate room for few minutes every day while you are still at home. Use crates/ gates/ play pens if available. Give them stuffed Kongs to keep busy
  • Daily Practice – Get them used to being alone everyday while you step out for essentials / groceries.
  • No Fuss – Don’t make a big fuss while leaving or give attention to them immediately after returning back home.
  • Start Today – Start practicing immediately. Don’t wait for the day when you actually have to be out of the house for very long time.

Keep calm, have patience & let the pets get used to the #NewNormal

If you have more questions woof at us @ 9820596903. We would be happy to help.