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Ollie’s favorite toys

When I selected Ollie from the litter of puppies, I chose the one who showed maximum interest in toys. I just started playing with bunch of keys & Ollie went berserk over it. I absolutely love working with toy driven dogs & hopefully Ollie will be one soon.

So when we got her home, I was ready with a basket full of toys. I selected toys with different texture & shapes. Playing with toys is such an important part of a pup’s daily routine, as it keeps them occupied , entertained & helps them cope up with teething.  It can provide lots of mental & physical stimulation to pets.

Ollie gets to play with each of these toys at different times of the day. I also keep rotating them every couple of days. Here is a list of Ollie’s favorite 5

Kong Toy: This is my all time favorite toy! It is so durable & easy to stuff.  From day one she doesn’t get her food in a food bowl. I stuff couple of Kong toys with her daily portion of dog food mixed with boiled chicken. It’s so much better seeing her chewing it away to glory & leaving my furniture alone.

Yak milk Chew blocks : When she gets her zoomies , this chewing block helps her calm down instead of running around the house like a mad woman.

Treat Dispenser Ball : It makes eating kibble so much more fun! Surely keeps her entertained.

Coconut shell : Eco friendly toy of the lot, this surely is her favorite. She can go on playing with it for hours. Even when the stuffing is over.

Squeaky toy: It’s a treat to watch her playing with this toy & get amused by weird sounds coming out of it. She totally goes bonkers about it.

She also has a set of outdoor toys which she loves to fetch or play tug with. Usually I avoid playing with them in the house.

Tips to select correct toys:

  • Select toys depending on your pet’s nature & level of chewing.
  • Keep shuffling toys to keep pets interested in them for long time.
  • Do not use kid’s toys/ household plastic items for pets