Ollie’s First Day Out !

Ollie’s first day out

As soon as Ollie’s vaccination got over we decided to take her out on a day out. We were so eagerly waiting for this day & when the day arrived we just couldn’t stay calm. Bags were packed, car was ready & we headed out of Mumbai  for a quick day trip.

Asmi was super excited about having Ollie next to her on the back seat. They both settled down very quickly. I was a bit nervous about Ollie’s first drive but she slept like a horse throughout the journey. Such a relief!

We visited a friend’s farm where the gals could run around & enjoy some greenery.  Then we decided to take them to backwater s of a dam close by.  As water loving family, we were so excited to introduce Ollie to a water body for the first time.

Jazz was a complete water baby from day one so introducing him to water was never an issue. I somehow knew Ollie was going to be different. Typically she is scared of new things at the beginning but she overcomes her fear very quickly, if introduced correctly. So I decided to give her a quick walk on shores of the dam before taking her near water.  I also carried couple of her aqua toys with me, to get her excited.

I slowly walked her near water while she was busy goofing around with the grass, stones and soil. Ollie decided to completely ignore the water & hog on the wet soil…. J (Me thinking ……….gurrrrrrrrrrr…….why do I always end up with piggy doggies J ) So I started playing with her toys. I was acting crazy, throwing her toy around, sometimes in the water , sometimes on the land.  (Ollie must have thought ……yayyyy I have a crazy Mom …..let’s join the madness J )

With a little encouragement she was bouncing  in and out  of the water like a madddddd girl J. Once she got the hang of it , there was no looking back.  We spent a good half hour playing in the water, enjoying the sunset & making most of our time out there.

Tips to introduce pets to water

  • Keep the first session very short & preferably at a place with less distractions
  • Use lots floating toys/ aqua toys
  • Choose a spot with gradual slope into the water
  • Do not push the pet suddenly in the water
  • Let the pet walk in & out of water few times till he gets comfortable
  • Pet parents should join the pets in the water, as this will make the experience more comfortable for pets


Glimpse of Ollie’s first swim