Pre Puppy Consultation

If you are planning to get a new puppy or know someone who is doing so ……read on ……

Mumma I want a Dog . please get me a dog now…… I really want a cute puppy …… My friend has a cute puppy, can I please have one too ….

Does this sound familiar??

As a Dog Trainer I come across so many families who have got a puppy on their kid’s demand but actually have no idea about how to take care of it.

But yesterday was a different story ….. In the world of shopping by the click of one button from diamonds to a new puppy , it was nice to meet a family who is willing to pause & think about what they are getting into.

Sharing my Pre Puppy Consultation experience for those who are planning to get a new puppy

A week ago I got a call from a mother inquiring about buying a Shih tzu puppy. She was almost on the verge of buying a puppy online due to constant nagging from her teenage son. She also asked if they could buy a puppy online & return it after few days if they can’t take care of it. Within the first 10 minutes I realized that the family had no idea about having a dog at home.

That’s when I asked them to visit for a Pre Puppy Consultation with their son. I also asked them to make a list of things which they were confused about or unaware of.

During the consultation we discussed all sorts of things like reasons of getting a puppy, options of buying or adoption , time & commitment required to raise a healthy puppy, financial aspects, correct source of getting a puppy etc. I also explained to them about a dog’s life cycle right from few weeks old puppy to the senior age. I was happy to see that both parents & the kid were so eager to know things, asked questions & were willing to understand & accept practical aspects of having a dog.

I was even able to take them for a visit to a family with litter of new born puppies. They were amazed to learn about importance of temperament, age & correct source of getting the right puppy suitable to their needs.

I suggested that first the kid should spend time with Animal NGOs to help him get some first hand experience of handling dogs/ puppies. I also recommended fostering a puppy in need for few weeks, to give hands on experience to the family & agreed to help them during that time.

In the end we decided that the family wasn’t ready to get a new pup yet but more importantly the kid understood & agreed to the things we discussed & have patience.

Having a pet is a long term commitment.

For families who are planning to get a pet , these are the questions you should think about before getting a pet

• Reasons for getting a pet
• Are all family member ready to get a pet
• Is this the correct time to get a pet in the family
• Are you willing to adjust your routine, time & other work commitments to give enough time for the new pet
• Have you done enough research about the breed or type of pet you wish to get .
• Does the breed suit your lifestyle / family activity level
• Do you have any plans of shifting / moving outside country for work or otherwise in the near future
• Have you identified correct source of getting the pet
• Do you need professional help to make the right selection of a puppy suitable for your family.